Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Anxiety!

We at HCI realize that hair loss is a sensitive situation facing both men and women. We’ve spent years listening to your concerns, assessing your goals, answering your questions, and customizing a solution to fit your particular hair loss needs. We offer free consultations in complete privacy.

We offer all methods of hair restoration including hair transplant, low level laser therapy, non-surgical hair transplants, as well as hair extensions.

Our client base is diverse and multi-cultural. No matter what type of hair you have, we can help you achieve the look, thickness, fullness and style that you’ve always wanted.

If you are going through chemotherapy and are losing your hair, we can temporarily replace the hair that you’ve lost. You can have beautiful hair while your own hair is growing back.

Our basic salon services include Hair Cutting, Coloring, Highlights, Brazilian Blowout treatments, Perms, and Relaxers. See how much better your hair will look when it’s cut and serviced by people who actually care that you’re satisfied.

Seeing is Believing

HCI places the highest priorities on quality and service. We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience. Our facility is specifically designed for your comfort and privacy. We believe you’ll find our service exceptional.

It’s easy to get expert advice and answers to your particular hair loss questions and concerns. It’s completely confidential. It’s also completely free. So why not request your free, no-obligation hair loss evaluation and consultation today.

Our passion is hair. But that’s only the beginning of what we can restore.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious, and with full, beautiful, luxurious hair again. Take the first step to a new you.

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Kayla Martell – Miss Delaware

Kayla Martell is living proof that hair loss — even if it’s a nightmare — shouldn’t get in the way of your dreams. Kayla was crowned Miss Delaware in 2010 and in 2011 was just the third Miss Delaware to ever finish in the top 10 of the Miss America pageant.

Her hair loss started literally overnight when she awoke one morning and found a big bald spot. Like most women who develop hair loss, Kayla had to go through a great deal of testing. The X Rays, MRIs, and blood work revealed that she had a thyroid condition.

Kayla began entering pageants when she was 13, and she had her first win at 14. At 17 she was the youngest contestant in the Miss Delaware pageant. She competed without a wig and was 4th runner up.

When Kayla put on her first hair system, she was afraid that she’d look in the mirror and find that she’d lost herself. Instead, she was shocked to see herself — a different Kayla, but still Kayla, just like if she’d changed her gown or makeup.

Kayla has no regrets. If she hadn’t had alopecia, she wouldn’t be the person she is today, and she wouldn’t have walked the same path. She travels the country to host Hair Loss Seminars and share her story with women and girls who are struggling with hair loss.

Women’s Hair Restoration Options


The 100% natural women's hair replacement technology

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HCI Extensions

Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling.

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Laser Therapy

Low level laser hair therapy (LLLT) is a revolutionary, non-surgical breakthrough

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Dimigis Extensions

100% human hair extensions so your extensions will make you feel more self-confident

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Surgical Restoration

We are fortunate to be associated with the finest hair transplant surgeons in Orlando

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Men’s Hair Restoration Options

Men's Hair Restoration

State of the Art Men’s Hair Restoration Technology for Male Pattern Baldness

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The beauty of the EasyGraft™ Hair Replacement System lies in its undeniable authenticity

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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery, like all other forms of plastic surgery, is an art.

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Laser Therapy

Low level laser hair therapy (LLLT) is a revolutionary, non-surgical breakthrough

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