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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety

We at HCI realize that hair loss is a sensitive situation
facing both men and women. We've spent years listening to your concerns, assessing your goals, answering your questions, and customizing a solution to fit your particular hair loss needs.

We offer free consultations in complete privacy.

We offer all methods of hair restoration including hair transplant, low level laser therapy, non-surgical hair transplants, and even hair extensions.

Our client base is diverse and multi-cultural. No matter what type of hair you have, we can help you achieve the look, thickness, fullness and style that you've always wanted.

If you are going through chemo therapy and are losing your hair, we can temporarily replace the hair that you've lost. You can have beautiful hair while your own hair is growing back.

A free basic service for hair club members and any other hair restoration clients not presently served by us.

See how much better your hair will look when it's cut and serviced by people who actually care that you're satisfied. And while you're here, see the all new EasyGraft, the french way to better hair restoration. Call (407) 830-0554 for your free service today.