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100% Human Hair Extensions

Great hair extensions. Glamourous Lengths.  Orlando Florida.

Laser Hair Extensions

HCI Laser Hair Extensions

Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling.  Almost anything is possible with our exclusive HCI Laser Hair Extensions top-quality human hair extensions.

HCI Laser Hair Extensions are more than ordinary hair extensions. So they let you do more than you can with ordinary hair extensions. Want longer hair? Sure, HCI Laser Hair Extensions can do that. So can ordinary hair extensions.

But if your hair is too thin or too flyaway or too limp or too damaged from all the things you've done to try to make your hair better, HCI Laser Hair Extensions can help where ordinary hair extensions can't.


Dimigis Hair Extensions

Dimigis Hair Extensions

Unlike clip-on hair extensions, Dimigis cause no damage to your existing hair and they can be removed quickly and easily.

Whether it's for a special occasion or to look special on every occasion, you owe it to yourself to see how great you will look with Dimigis 100% natural hair extensions.  And if you grow weary of your new look, don't worry.  It's easy to reverse the procedure because the process is simplicity itself.

Unlike traditional or clip-in extensions, which were often sewn into your natural hair, Dimigis uses a fusion method to attach the extension to your hair at a molecular level making it a much more "hair friendly" hair addition, causing less stress on you and on your hair. 

At HCI, we can apply Dimigis Hair Extensions in just a few hours in the length and color of your choice. So it's easy to get on with the joy of life with beautiful 100% human hair.


Now you can have the finest 100% natural long, flowing styles you've always wanted in a wide variety of colors and lengths.  Maybe you've always been a little disappointed in the past.  Or perhaps you love your current style but are just looking for a change.

Whatever you're seeking, your expectations are sure to be met and exceeded with exciting 100% natural human hair extensions from HCI Hair Restoration Centers in Orlando and Altamonte Springs.

See what everyone is talking about.  Call us today at (407) 830-0554 to arrange a free, confidential consultation. Or better yet, JUST CLICK HERE



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