The importance of understanding hair loss can greatly help ones approach to the problem. Before you delve in to the causes of hair loss it is worth understanding how healthy hair is produced, as well as knowing the cycles of hair growth.

Hair has three main phases which combined, they compose the hair growth cycle. The first phase is the Anagen phase where follicles are in the growing stage. Follicles that are in the Anagen stage can last anywhere from two to six years. This is the stage where you want most of your hair to be in, as this is the point in which the follicle is at its peak.

The next stage is the Catagen phase, during this stage the hair stops growing and the follicle breaks down and shrinks. This causes the follicle base to move up towards the top of the dermis where there are no blood vessels to provide needed nutrients. This stage can last about two to three weeks making Catagen the shortest phase within hair growth cycle.

The final stage of the process is the Telogen phase. During the Telogen phase the mature hair is loosely attached to the base of the follicle, which can fall out after a few months in the duration of this phase. It is not until the new follicle is supplied by the blood vessels that the new growth starts, during this part of the process it is not uncommon for new growth to push out the old hair.

It is important to be aware of this process so you are not alarmed when you experience shedding. A typical human head carries approximately 100,000 hair follicles. Keeping this fact in mind do not be alarmed when you experience shedding as this is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. On average humans shed between 100-200 hair follicles each day.

So next time you see hair shedding in the shower do not be alarmed as this may simply be normal shedding. However if you do see any abnormal loss or feel your scalp needs to be examined please do not hesitate to contact a scalp professional (also known as a Trichologist) to examine your scalp and provide you with solutions based on your circumstances. Here at HCI Hair Solutions we have invested in advanced instruments as well as training to provide you with the best scalp analysis and treatments. Feel free to call us (407) 830-0554 to schedule your free consultation.