During the holidays we all want to look our best for the plethora of parties and family gatherings of the season. A big part of all of us looking our best is having our holiday hair in the best condition in order to style it so it looks great. Here are some tips this holiday season to ensure that your hair is at its best!

Choose a Holiday Hairstyle That Is Gentle on Hair

Whether your holiday hairstyle is extravagant or simple and sweet, achieve your style in ways that are gentle on your hair and scalp.

Avoid using heated styling tools and let hair dry naturally as often as you can. Be gentle if you are braiding or twisting your hair. Avoid hair clips and hair elastics that are designed in ways that can damage the hair shaft. Opt instead for gentle hair clips and elastics made of materials that are less likely to catch on your hair and cause breakage.

Avoid “do it yourself” chemical treatment or coloring

Lets face it, not all hair is the same and everyone who uses over the counter hair treatment or coloring kits will not get the same results you see in TV commercials or if a friends looks great after using it. Here are some things to consider, chemical treatments almost always weaken hair. So in example if you use a chemical treatment to color or straighten or curl ect… remember if it doesn’t come out the way you would like your next step will be to visit a professional to fix it, and of course they are going to have to use an additional chemical treatment to fix whatever is wrong.  That would be two chemical treatments where one would have been enough and most likely would look better the first time because the hair would be less damaged. The point is to leave it to the pro’s, because that is a headache you want to avoid especially during the holidays. But remember to book your appointments well in advance so you’re not left out.

  Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Holiday Hair That ShinesHoliday Hair

Paying attention to your food and drink during the holidays is one of the best ways to de-stress, increase your joy, reduce hair loss and support your overall health. Remember that stress is a factor in hair loss, so we definitely want to avoid/reduce it as much as possible. Also staying hydrated is important. Drink more fluids during holiday time as busy schedules, overindulgence, unusual foods and salty snacks can all conspire to cause dehydration. That dehydration is stressful and can cause hair to become fragile, easy to break. Eat healthy snacks and don’t skip lunch. We have a sparkling holiday when we are nourished and calm. Happy holidays!