hair-scalp-therapiesMediceuticals provides effective treatment methods for a wide range of specific hair and scalp problems. The product development process consists of many years of pharmaceutical research, and is formed by extensive clinical trials on efficacy and safety. The products are composed of natural, non-aggressive ingredients and raw materials.

Mediceuticals products are sold exclusively through fine salons, spas and professional hair restoration clinics.

Mediceuticals Scalp Therapies are proven pharmaceutical formulations that are clinically tested and FDA approved for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders.

  • Medicated, OTC Drug Formulas
  • FDA Approved
  • Clinically Proven Results, Salon-Tested for Safety

A new generation of dermatological hair treatment solutions specifically formulated for repairing and protecting extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair. Promotes beautiful, healthy, virgin hair quality. These remarkable solutions feature a patented enzymatic protein for optimum repair, protection & health.

Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Technology solutions incorporate Triaminocoptinol, a potent anti-hair loss complex that targets the three primary causes for hair loss:

  • 5a-Reductase, which converts to DHT
  • Inadequate blood circulation
  • Weak anchorage of the hair in the dermal papilla

Triaminocoptinol® consists of three active phases working synergistically to achieve optimum hair health.