How often should I wash my hair?

            How often should I wash my hair?

How often should I wash my hair?  How do I properly care for my hair and my scalp? These are frequent questions I get asked as a professional hair consultant. The funny thing is that after undergoing many consultations you start noticing patterns, where you will hear the same guidelines that are just not working. Unfortunately most people are given a lot of misinformation, and contrary to popular belief, what you read on google searches are not always the best guidelines to follow.

I want to start by saying that everyone is different. Having said that, because each person is different you cannot generalize a set solution, or a one size fit all treatment protocol that will solve the problem. This is why at HCI we have invested in the proper instruments to be able to treat each client individually, eliminating any guesswork.

When someone comes into HCI looking for professional help with their hair and scalp, one of the first things I recommend is a Tricho-Test ( Scalp analysis) which measures their Ph levels ( tells me whether your scalp is acidic or not), hydration levels and sebum (oil production). The test also includes a haircheck, which measures your hair density in three specific points on your scalp. This allows us to develop a baseline where we can scientifically measure and track results on treatments in your hair. The most impacting part of the Tricho-Test has to be where I place the microscope on the clients scalp at different magnification levels. The client is able to have an in depth look on their scalp in a microscopic level, because the images are placed on a screen where the client can see for themselves.

Hair and Scalp microscope

The client is able to have an in depth look in their scalp

After the test is conducted and the client sees how their scalp looks, in most cases a lot of the questions will be answered. If you have any issues with your scalp, whether you feel it is dry or oily, or you feel you are shedding hair more than the normal amounts (100-200 hair follicles/day), or you are simply curious how your scalp looks. Please consult a trichologist, or a qualified hair and scalp professional with the proper instruments to analyze your scalp. You can always call HCI at (407) 830-0554 we are here to help!