A New Way To Approach Hair Health: Start With The Scalp

When it comes to natural beauty, nothing quite beats a head full of strong, lush hair. We all want it— that rich, flowing mane that is as shiny, as it is healthy. For those of us lacking in this department, it may seem a mystery as to why some have abundant tresses and others don’t. But we’re here to let you in on a secret. If you look beyond beautiful hair what you will see is its life force— a healthy and happy scalp. And thankfully this secret comes with good news: obtaining a nourished scalp to achieve lust-worthy locks is no longer a mystery with the availability of Active Care by Pro|Gen.

Through distinct engineering, the Active Care Scalp Therapy System energizes, invigorates and cultivates scalp health so your follicles can do what they do best: produce beautiful strands of hair. We do this through an individualized approach because we know that just like you, each scalp is unique.

We are excited to announce that we now offer the Active Care™in-salon treatment, along with all of the products necessary to address your particular hair and scalp issues.

In tandem with technologically advanced software, Certified Active Care™ Professionals use an exclusive high-definition camera to analyze your scalp and design the best regimen for your scalp care plan. The first step is a spa-like in-salon treatment that rejuvenates your hair follicles by exfoliating and thoroughly cleaning the scalp using micro vibrations. Sound strange? Maybe, but trust us- the experience is the equivalent of a luxurious spa service so you will be completely relaxed.

An at-home plan will be customized by your Certified Active Care™ Professional to include the use of the Active Care products that are enriched with effective ingredients of exceptional plant properties. With five formulations addressing various issues, there is definitely something for every unique scalp. The steps are easy and all you need to do is relax and allow your Certified Active Care™ Professional to help you achieve the hair of your dreams by addressing what’s happening behind the scenes.

To setup a hair and scalp analysis, get in touch with us today! (407) 830-0554