Men suffering from hair loss is unfortunately quite commonplace, but discovering the cause of hair loss can be life-changing. Heredity is the most common cause, and most men blame their genetics. What some men fail to realize is that the effects of stress on your hair loss can be dramatic.

The Effects of Stress on Your Hair

Don’t let stress cause hair loss.

Telogen effluvium is a condition triggered by a stressful situation or a traumatic experience like an accident, a severe illness, or an emotional life change. This condition can cause hair to simply stop growing or fall out. In other words, the stress forces hair follicles to sit in the resting phase, which will stop hair growth and eventually the affected hair could be lost months later. When I have a client come in for a consultation at HCI this is one of the things I ask. Although they are currently shedding or have been losing a lot of hair, the cause could have been an incident months ago. Although hair grows back, if you had weak follicles, there is a chance they may not grow as healthy as they once were. Noticing this within yourself is the first step, the second step is knowing and empowering yourself to get the right treatment. Doing this will help strengthen weak follicles and possibly reverse thinning along with hair loss.

If you’ve experienced a traumatic event and your hair begins falling out, do your best to minimize the source of stress. Focus on getting past the event and work towards healing. It is also important to get enough rest and eat right during this time.

Finally, be sure to see a professional who can put your mind at ease and help you confirm the cause of hair loss and give you real solutions. Feel free to call HCI at (407) 830-0554.