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What is a Visit to HCI Hair Restoration Centers Like?

For your initial hair loss consultation at HCI, you should plan on about a 60 minute consultation consisting of an analysis and scalp evaluation with a trained hair loss specialist. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by a member of our staff who will show you to a private consultation room.  We invite you to bring your spouse or a friend to help you reach a decision about our company, our procedures, and the artistic expertise of our staff.

After obtaining a brief history, we will analyze your particular hair loss needs, answer your questions frankly and fully, and explain which hair restoration solution is appropriate for your particular type of hair loss.

At HCI Hair Restoration Centers, we take a no-nonsense approach to educating you in simple laymenís terms as to the cause and treatment options of your specific type of hair loss.

The best hair loss remedies might be different for different people. What is right for one person might not be appropriate for another.  It depends on your degree of hair loss, your level of physical activity, the type of hairstyle you desire. Not everyone is a good candidate for every option.

Depending on your situation, these options may include topical solutions, scalp camouflaging, laser light treatments, partial hair replacement or a full hair prosthesis. You will learn the positive and negative aspects of your choices. We will explain to you the details of insurance and private payment plans.

We want your decision to be based on solid information and the excellent reputation of your local Transitions hair replacement salon or clinic. We want you to feel comfortable, at ease, and confident in the hair loss restoration solution you choose. Above all, we want you to feel better about your appearance and the person you see in the mirror each morning.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration FAQ

Q: My hair is thinning and I don't want surgery. What can I do?

A: There are many non-surgical hair loss treatments available to you, including our exclusive SensiGraft and Reallusions hair replacement procedures.  We will discuss each option with you, make a recommendation based on your individual needs, degree of hair loss, lifestyle and other factors, and help you choose the solution with which you feel most comfortable.

Q:  What is the main difference between surgical and non-surgical hair restoration?

A.  Non-surgical hair restoration procedures, such as Transitions SensiGraft or Reallusions hair replacement guarantees a significant increase in hair density, and requires no donor area, nor is it's success rate dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of your remaining hair.  Additionally, our individually custom hair replacement procedures can be used to provide additional hair to men and women who have already undergone hair transplants surgery.

Q: I'm a very active person. Can I still participate in sports?

A: Yes, the purpose of HCI hair restoration and replacement procedures is to allow you to do the things that you stopped doing because of your hair loss, such as swimming, boating, water skiing and even riding your Harley.

Q: My father had one of those hairpieces that he took off every night. Is this the same thing?

A: Absolutely not. With a modern, state-of-the-art HCI hair restoration or replacement, your new hair cannot come off and it will actually become a part of you.

Q: Are there any limitations on the hair style I choose, or how I can comb my hair?

A: You can comb your hair anyway you want, even straight back, revealing a totally natural front hair line.

Q: What if I decide to move out of state?

A: We would be happy to refer you to another Transitions certified hair replacement studio or hair restoration center in your new location, without interrupting the type and quality of service to which you have become accustomed.

HCI places the highest priorities on quality and service. We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience. Our facilities are specifically designed for your comfort and privacy. We believe youíll find our service exceptional.

It's easy to get expert advice and answers to your particular hair loss questions and concerns. It's completely confidential. It's also completely free. So why not request your free, no-obligation hair loss evaluation and consultation today.

Our passion is hair. But that's only the beginning of what we can restore.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious, and with a full, beautiful, luxurious hair again. Take the first step to a new you.

JUST CLICK HERE to schedule your free, confidential hair loss consultation today. After all, seeing really is believing.




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