Battling Hair Loss from Cancer

Battling hair loss from cancer is an emotional and psychological toll

Battling hair loss from cancer carries an emotional and psychological toll in and of itself. Unfortunately during chemotherapy treatment, a great majority of patients can lose all their hair during the process. This can exponentially add to the already high psychological and emotional stress a person diagnosed and undergoing cancer treatments can suffer. This enhances the possibility of a person to enter into depression.

Although this is a reality for many people, there is no reason why a person has to endure the treatment process without their hair. A hair prosthesis fitted on a person undergoing treatment restores that person’s look, boosting confidence and morale during this tough time. Many of our clients at HCI end up liking their hair volume, and overall look of their hair so much that they end up as continued users and clients at HCI. If you or someone you love is experiencing hair loss please have then come see us or any hair expert. Boosting someones self esteem can help that person overcome and gain strength to approach the obstacles of their life.

Battling Hair Loss from Cancer Tips

Here are some tips for anyone dealing with this procedure:

  • Some Insurance’s may cover the cost of a hair prosthesis (cranial prosthesis)
  • Shaving facilitates prosthetic hair security and comfort (i.e. vacuum bases, two way tape and other adhesives for hair prostheses. What may seem extreme to some, may not be for others.
  • Attractive head coverings are available from a variety of manufacturers as an alternative to wigs.

(source: American Hair Loss Council)

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