The Totally Custom Hair Restoration Solution

hair-piece-orlandoThe beauty of the EasyGraft™ Hair Replacement System lies in its undeniable authenticity. To the eye, to the touch, to a spray of water or a gust of wind, EasyGraft™ looks as real as growing hair. The hair emerges from the scalp as if it had grown from its own bulb, with the scalp clearly visible at the hair shaft’s base point.

EasyGraft™ is one more cutting-edge option available to men through HCI Hair Solutions. EasyGraft™ consists of newly implanted human hair that is infused to the scalp through a revolutionary non-surgical grafting technique.

EasyGraft™ is extremely popular with our Orlando area clients for five reasons:

  • EasyGraft™ is natural. It isn’t artificial hair. It’s 100% human hair.
  • EasyGraft™ is real. It’s not a solution that only works for a limited number of men, some of the time.
  • EasyGraft™ is a totally custom hair replacement solution to men’s hair loss. The amount and density of new hair that is added can be adjusted to changes in your hair loss condition.
  • EasyGraft™ is adaptable. It is customized to your unique pattern of hair loss and balanced with the appearance and density of your existing hair.
  • EasyGraft™ is remarkable. It looks like real human hair that grows because EasyGraft™ is implanted like hair that grows. The implantation of the hair is as much art as science. Hairs are irregularly spaced to duplicate the pattern of growing hair. Each hair is implanted with a vertical bias to allow the hair to lie naturally under its own weight.

See And Feel The Difference

The difference between EasyGraft™ hair restoration and traditional hair replacement systems is obvious to anyone who’s investigated the “old” way of replacing hair non-surgically.

The problem with previous methods of hair replacement was the unnatural feeling of something between your scalp and your new hair. And that’s where EasyGraft™ hair restoration differs.

EasyGraft™ is different from those hair replacement methods you’re always seeing on TV. Because with EasyGraft™, there’s nothing discernible between your new hair and your scalp. So you can see and feel your scalp, and run your fingers through your hair and feel nothing but hair.

If using real human hair and looking as natural as possible is your goal, then you owe it to yourself to consider EasyGraft™ Hair Replacement seriously.

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