Understanding Male Pattern Baldness and Men’s Hair Loss

Men suffering from hair loss impacts the lives of millions of men. Understanding what causes male hair loss can give you insight on how to approach treatment to stop and reverse it. Significant male pattern baldness affects the lives of well over one-half of adult men worldwide.

There are many possible causes of male pattern hair loss, however the man who experiences hair loss usually finds that it is part of his individual genetic makeup.

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The life cycle of normal human hair is approximately five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs are not always replaced by new hair and gradually bald spots or areas begin to appear. Age is not necessarily an indicator or factor in predicting when male pattern baldness will occur.

Genetic male pattern baldness hair loss is characterized by hair receding from the sides of the forehead, hence the term “receding hairline.”

ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA is the most common cause of hair loss and balding in men. It represents almost 95% of all male hair loss.

Other types of male hair loss include:

Generally thought to be an autoimmune disorder. Causes “patchy” hair loss, often in small circular areas in different areas of the scalp.
Total hair loss of the scalp, (an advanced form of alopecia areata).
Hair loss of the entire body, (also an advanced form of alopecia areata).
A sudden, diffuse hair loss caused by an interruption in the normal hair growth cycle as a result of trauma, such as chemotherapy, major surgery, severe stress, or severe chronic illness.
A compulsive disorder causing hair loss from the continual compulsive pulling of the hair.

Men’s pattern hair loss is a common condition, occurring in approximately one-third of all men worldwide.

Male hair loss and male pattern baldness, as well as other types of temporary and permanent hair loss in men can be corrected with appropriate male hair loss restoration or replacement solutions.

Preventing hair loss can be achieved with several different remedies ranging from non-surgical hair replacement, laser hair therapy, certain topical hair loss products such as DHT Sensor, or hair transplants.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of hair loss treatment options for men suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss, thinning hair and baldness.

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Modern state-of-the-art men’s hair replacement systems and additions have the ability to simulate a true natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in overall hair density.

Sensigraft, Transitions revolutionary breakthrough non-surgical hair replacement technology, is an entirely new innovation in hair restoration brought to you by Transitions research teams – it is to hair restoration what the contact lens was for eyeglasses.

Resulting from over two decades of research and development it successfully bridges the gap between surgical transplants and conventional procedures.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) has recently approved certain hair lasers as a proven agent of promoting hair growth in males suffering male pattern baldness. At Transitions we utilize the latest, state of the art hair lasers to generate the best results for you. We also incorporate other apparatus and procedures to create the healthiest environment for hair growth.
Hair transplant surgery has gained popularity recently due to the advent of micro-grafting that helps to create a natural hairline. Hair transplant surgery is recommended for patients with moderate hair loss. Modern surgical techniques have made hair transplantation a viable treatment option providing patients are well qualified candidates and have realistic expectations.
Rogaine (topical minoxidil). Rogaine is the only FDA approved medication currently available for hair loss.

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