As we go through life we hear so many reasons as to why things are the way they are. When it comes to men’s hair they are is no shortage of reasons or explanations on why there are problems. For example you may hear different reasons as to why you have dandruff, or gray hair and the list can continue indefinitely. So please allow me to share some myths that you may have heard so you are not needlessly misguided.   Myths on mens hair

Myth #1:  You need to change shampoo because they stop working.

Truth: You can continually use the same shampoo and it will continue to clean your hair the same way year in and year out.  You can use a clarifying shampoo once a week if you heavily use products like clay, or gel to remove the buildup.


Myth #2: Gray hairs are caused by stress.

Truth:  There is no conclusive scientific  evidence that stress is directly related to graying .  While high levels of stress may deliver melanin  which cause cell damage. Other factors such as genetics and  or autoimmune diseases are more likely to be the cause of gray hairs.


Myth #3:  Wearing hats will make you lose hair.

Truth: There is no direct relation with hair loss being caused by wearing hats. Sometimes people notice their hair thinning and start wearing hats. When the rest of the people close to him start noticing the hair loss they attribute the loss to his new found habit of wearing hats, when the whole time other factors were the root cause of the hair loss.


Myth #4: Dandruff flakes are developed only by dry scalp.

Truth:  Dandruff is really caused by buildup in your scalp, which can be from excess sebum production combined with sweat, or it can be from dry flaky skin. Seek professional help to determine what is causing dandruff in your case. The good news is this is a very treatable condition with the use of medicated products.


Myth #5: If you have an oily scalp skip conditioning your hair.

Truth: Oily scalp and hair does not come from conditioning your hair, but from high amounts of sebum being produced  in your scalp.  To treat this use a clarifying shampoo  to lift the sebum from your scalp and hair.


Knowing truth from error will help you treat a condition more effectively, leading you to manage your hair properly. If you need any help with hair loss, or any scalp conditions click here for professional help.


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