How to Care for your Hair in the Summer

Summer is an exciting time of the year, certainly one of my favorite times. From the beach to the pool, the outdoor activities seem endless during these few months of joy. However your summer hair can suffer from the exposure of the chlorine from swimming pools, to the UV rays of the sun, and  the saltwater from the ocean. So here are some tips on keeping your hair looking its best during the summer:

  • Both UVA and UVB ray exposure dehydrates hair and makes it weaker. UVA rays (which penetrate deeper) damages the melanin content and makes hair color fade away, while UVB rays ( usually penetrate less than UVA rays) will burn the superficial layers of your skin, and also damages the protein content and makes the hair brittle and lifeless, eventually damaging the hair. Using natural oils like jojoba, argan, coconut and Moroccan, will help as they not only infuse the cuticle to lock in moisture, but also help minimizing damage.
  • Natural oils in your hair will help in the pool as well. Dry hair will absorb chlorine directly into the hair shaft, but wet hair will slow its absorption. Wet your hair with a natural oil mentioned above or use a hair product like conditioner, or serum. This will act as a barrier and protect from  the chlorine without leaving a residue in the water. Also consider using a swim cap, and remember to rinse your hair with fresh water after you leave the pool.
  • If your hair suffers damage during use of a pool or from heavy exposure of the sun your best bet is to seek professional advice and treatment from a hair specialist, or even from your local salon.

The last advice I will give you is to remember to have a lot of fun during these summer months!